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As good as nature
can only create it.

The Guanacaste Mountain Range in Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the rainiest uncontaminated places on the planet. The water falls abundantly in the rich tropical vegetation, along the slopes of the volcanoes Miravalle and Tenorio, mixing organic and mineral elements that come to life in the currents, loading oxygen in the waterfalls, towards the river Tenório, the Bagaces River and the Corobicì River.
The water creeps deep into the earth, between fissures and cracks, eroding and digging, creating caves and galleries, filtering and melting rocks into other precious minerals, as in a magical dance, unaltered for millennia. It is in the depths of this earth, in a natural cavity more than 60 meters underground, where we find this rare water, rich in minerals and totally free of contaminants and arsenic, as good as nature can only create it.


Technology in the service of the environment.

Análisis periódicas con laboratorios acreditados y certificados




We comply with periodic analysis takings with accredited and certified laboratories, to verify the daily samples carried out in the Chilamate laboratory.

Packaging and logistics are developed taking into account the environmental impact with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint as much as possible by selecting and collaborating with suppliers committed to the environment.

Each work environment is sanitized with environmentally compatible technologies that do not release harmful substances or chemicals such as U.V. light treatment and ozonation.  The laboratory is isolated from the outside environment with antibacterial barriers.


Twice as good water.

A production line designed to adapt flexibly to the needs of an increasingly diversified market.


zero nitrates,
zero arsenic,
and zero talk,
just good water.



It is done

Bottiglia Tenori versione etichetta.jpg

Deep artesian mineral water with isobaric bottling.


coming soon

Mapa Guanacaste


Nature is no longer a secret,
it is a mineral water

A unique and protected environment

Currently, Costa Rica has the largest protected area in the world: 1,342,900 hectares of protected area through the National System of Conservation Areas of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), which is responsible for the care and conservation of more than 30 units scattered throughout the country, made up of a set of national parks or terrestrial and marine biological reserves. Thanks to the many initiatives in this field, the country has been exercising great leadership in the international arena.

In the heart of Guanacaste - a privileged area in the North of Costa Rica - in the municipality of Bagaces, commonly known for its rich waters, its rivers, its thermal springs fed from the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes, the Chilamate Spring emerges.

This is where this spring is born, which has a protection perimeter of more than 25 hectares. Chilamate Natural Mineral Water comes to you as it flows from the spring,

without suffering the effects of light and without changing its composition.



The mission of Compañía de Agua Mineral Chilamate is to supply our customers with high quality mineral water, working  for the development and use of the most efficient and environmentally compatible technologies in the full respect for the primary values of the company, that is, ethics and transparency.

green commitment

At Compañía de Agua Mineral Chilamate, caring for the environment is a management priority. We are committed to the sustainable development of our processes and activities in order to minimize our impact on the environment. With this commitment in mind, our goal is to give back to nature the gifts we have received.


We believe that involvement in water is an involvement in the quality of life. Water is life and belongs to everybody.

That is why Compañía de Agua Mineral Chilamate wishes to be recognized as an important player in efforts to improve the quality of life in Costa Rica.


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to the source


Simboli analisi .png

(hydrogen ions)


Simboli analisi .png

Electric conductivity

454  μS/cm

Simboli analisi .png

Dissolved oxygen


Simboli analisi .png

Dry residue


Foresta tropicale

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