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microbiologically pure

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to the source


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(hydrogen ions)


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Electric conductivity

454  μS/cm

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Dissolved oxygen

10,2 mg/l

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Dry residue


As good as nature can only create it.

70% of the human body is made of water, all our biological processes pass through it, are activated, conducted and regulated through it. Water is, therefore, our staple food and an energy source, so its quality is very important. In nature, the source and natural water have the best energy quality: their polarized molecules form chains with three-dimensional conformations of liquid crystal with a tetrahedral base (they connect to each other with atomic hydrogen bonds with the angulation of the edges of a tetrahedron ). When water, in nature, crosses the various terrains, it receives relative information and acquires different characteristics with repercussions at the organoleptic and metabolic level for the living organisms that use it. This explains the great variety of existing waters and also their varied effects (even therapeutic). In fact,  UnbrandedPremium Water  stands out for its balance in flavor and its organoleptic qualities, as one of the best waters in the world. With only 444 mg / l of fixed residue, it is an excellent water both on the palate, with its delicate lightness, and for metabolic functions. making the correct and necessary contribution in minerals and oxygen.

Potassium    12.55 mg/l

Normalizes the water equilibrium in our organism, participates in the correct contraction/relaxation of our muscles and their overall health. Combined with calcium and magnesium it works above all to tune our heart, muscles and nervous system.


Magnesium    13.39 mg/l

The recommended daily intake of magnesium is 300/350 mg. Magnesium forms part of our bones and muscles, working to synthesize proteins, facilitate nerve transmission and muscular construction/relaxation.

Calcium    12.55 mg/l

Helps strengthen bones and teeth. It also helps to give muscle tone and controls nervous irritability.


Fluorides    12.55 mg/l

Strengthens the enamel preventing dental diseases.


Potassium, magnesium, calcium and fluoride support the body's acid-base balance with an alkalizing action.

Sodium    57.9 mg/l

Very important in our cellular metabolism, it also participates in the transmission of nervous impulses and muscular contraction. Under normal conditions, an adult needs 100-600 mg of sodium per day.

In hot weather, when sweating grows, so does sodium needs, especially in sports. However, in a balanced diet it is recommended not to take more than 6 grams of salt per day.


Sulfates    8.00 mg/l

They help the digestive system in general and the skin.


Chlorides    60.2 mg/l

Contributes to the efficient transport of oxygen to the body’s cells, maintains the correct pH level in the digestive juices and stabilizes bodily fluids


Nitrates    0.01 mg/l

Nitrates are inorganic chemical compounds derived from nitrogen, (NO3-) that are found naturally in small concentrations in soil, food, and surface and ground water.

It has been determined by the O.M.S., given the existence of a multitude of scientific studies in this regard, that high concentrations of this compound in water for human consumption constitute a danger to people's health.

The regulation that establishes the sanitary quality criteria for water for human consumption in Spain is Royal Decree 140/2003, which establishes the maximum permitted concentration of nitrates in water for human consumption at 50 mg / l.


The nitrate concentration in Tenorio mineral water is only 0.01 mg / l.

Lab ID: 39432-1; 39 341-1 AGR-PA-01 

Report AGR-FPG-13R

The sampling was carried out by direct representatives of accredited Analytical Laboratories.


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