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company and production

The industrial activity is based on a concession granted by MINAE, file P12640 (registered well number CN153), for water extraction and commercialization


The water comes from a underground basin called "Manantial Bagaces" or "Santa Rosa Aquifer".

This underground basin is located under an ignimbritic plateau (Andesite and pumice stone), which makes the water particularly pure and does not require any kind of filtration or organoleptic modification (chlorination or others).


That is why it is called Natural Mineral Water.

Precisely because of its particular quality, the water must be protected throughout its journey from the subsoil to the packaging, without suffering any alteration or external contamination (light, air, bacteria).

production laboratory

Interred water line


Tuff and sedimentary ground

spring cave

ignimbrinic plateau


Ancla 1

A state-of-the-art laboratory in a tropical garden.

Ancla 2

Advanced technology that respects the environment

Ancla 3

Packaging designed to protect water for a long time

Ancla 4

Always fresh and easy

Ancla 5

Designed to improve logistics and drastically reduce carbon footprint

1000 liters

Ancla 6
Ancla 7
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