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Zero nitrates, zero arsenic and zero marketing, only

100% water and minerals

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to the source


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(hydrogen ions)


10 liters of pure
mineral water

Our 10 liter bag-in-box® Vitop® protects the purity of our water and makes it safe and easy to dispense from virtually anywhere.


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Dry residue


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Dissolved oxygen


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Electric conductivity

454  μS/cm

10 liters of good mineral water in little more space than
3 bottles of 1.5l

Our bag-in-box® Vitop® also keeps water fresh and clean from filling to final dispensing, sustainably packaged to reach the easiest or most remote locations with minimal waste and

environmental impact.

Production of bags in boxes from 5 to 20 liters
available on request

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Adaptable to all marketing requirements

Compared to other types of packaging, the consumption of water and energy for the production of bag-in-box® Vitop® is relatively low. In a study carried out by BioIntelligence, the Bag-in-Box clearly shows the best results in terms of water and energy consumption.

Kit for fountains available on request

Work in synergy with our clients and our suppliers.

The simplicity of Vitop® bag-in-box® packaging allows for endless customizations and decorations.

Customizable boxes on request 

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